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Twix Consult (U) Ltd

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We Are :

Distributors of computers, network ,accessories
web development

Company History

Twix consult (U) Limited was established in 2020 and registered as a private company limited by shares under the companies act (CAP.110). We are located in Kampala, Uganda essentially suppliers of Computer and its accessories and other related consumables to shops,technological institutes as well as individuals in both private and public institutions. We do servicing & Repairs of IT equipment,Networks, Website development as well as system development.We also offer trainings in IT related fields. Having studied the common IT challenges in Uganda and the neighboring countries, Twix Consult Uganda came up with a strategy to address the gap. We are therefore committed to providing quality and sustainable services holistically.

Our range of services have set the pace in country. Crossing into new thresh-holds by providing sophisticated customized products, Twix has captured a huge and loyal customer base with its quality and innovative solutions therefore ensuring great value for stakeholders. Our partnerships with world's best manufacturers has been very essential in ensuring steady growth which later has culminated to an ever growing customer base.


Our Dream

Creating measurable value for all of our stakeholders while providing gap-specific Business Support Solutions helps us succeed.

Our Vision

To be the most valued business support partner to our clients in the industry we serve .

Twix consult Uganda

Core Values


    • Our focus is to transform the working environment, which inspires us to constantly seek innovative ideas.

  • People Focused:

    • Living by the "VALUE FOR MONEY” aspect.
    • Focus on our allegiances and relationships.
    • Working as a team to deliver purposeful value.

  • Integrity:

    • We are committed to upholding our brand promise while introducing several innovations devoted to truthfulness and honesty

  • Innovation & Team work:

    • Our focus is to transform the working environment, which inspires us to constantly seek innovative ideas.

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