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Twix Consult (U) Ltd

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Empower Your Business with Innovative ICT Solutions.

Web and Mobile Development

Unleash your company's potential with our web and mobile development services.

IT Infrastructure Managment

We provide efficient top-notch and efficient IT infrastructure management for fulltime performance.

IT Procurement and Supplies

Effortless IT procurement and supply for streamlined operations while Cost-effective and time-efficient

Increasing performance and innovation through inclusion

Tamper Evident Security

Our seals are going Bio

Wide Product Range

Our Consumer Industries

Banking Institutions

We supply tamper evident cash bags, seal tapes, and all security packaging to transport cash and confidentail items.

Education Sector

We empower fuel/gas stations to enforce & maintain quality through our wide rage of petro-chemical products.

Security & Logistics

Tracking items in transit is vital to our customers. We have effective Tamper Evident seals, for ultimate security.

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About Us

Twix consult(U)Limited

As a professional IT services company founded on 1st February 2021, Twix Consult Limited initially provided computers, accessories, and IT training. This was for both schools as well as private individuals. Over the years we have developed a team of highly skilled staff that delivers quality and effective solutions. We are also strategically partnered with well-established international companies, which further enable us to offer quality IT products and services. Due to the growth of our clientele, we have diversified from network infrastructure to providing services such as computer maintenance, website design, website hosting, and software installation. Our products and services leave a lasting impression on our clients. Our products can be purchased directly from our E-shop and delivery will take place between 12 and 24 working hours depending on your location.

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