Twix Consult Limited  is a reliable professional IT service company that was incorporated officially on 1st February 2021 and initially focused on the supply and delivery of Computers, accessories and teaching Ict in both schools and private individuals. 

With alot of demand from the growth of our clientele we have diversified to the supply of network infrastructure and offering other services such as software installation, computer servicing  website and system development and hosting. 

 By keeping the principle of “High quality, Competitive price, and Excellent service”, our products have been largely supplied to homes and offices  leaving a great smile to our clients.

Some of our products can be purchased directly from our E-shop and delivery will be made in 12-24 working hours depending on the region.

meet our team

Solomon Atwine is the managing Director of Twix Consult (u)limited, established in 2020. It has been accredited as the best IT service provider by a number of our clients. As a leading IT professional, Solomon Atwine uses his experience and personal relationships to offer best service results for all IT Resource center clients. He is a talented and hardworking guy who never stops trying to bring another innovation to his clients.

Rogers byamukama

Rogers Byamukama holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems from Kyambogo University, and has over 3 years of experience as software developer . Rogers has personally handled a number of high-profile clients in the IT industry. He worked at Bank of Uganda where he established a strong system that was accredited by the organization.

kiiza ezra

Kiiza Ezra is an inter-disciplinary artist, designer, illustrator and educator.He holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial and Fine Arts from the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine arts(MTSIFA)-Kampala, with a concentration in printmaking and illustration. In pursuit of his career, he has collaborated with different agencies in the industry of design such as MK publishers Kampala for illustration projects, Kampala Art Biennale and UNICEF design innovations like the 2016 innovation Communication Project.

He mantains a design practice focusing on print and publication design. He has previously been involved in Children book illustration, Magazine design, Graphic design and other self-initiated work in form of Video and Objects in multiple.


Web Designing & Development

Our team is well established with all expertise to build and maintain regular updates and improvements needed for your business to grow online. Contact us today for your online presence.

software installation & servicing

We have handled our clients of all ages in supplying them latest softwares of their choice ie. 1. O/s installation 2.Office suite installation 3. Adobe packages

Computer Networking

Our clients have never regretted giving us the opportunity to set up thier computers on network as welll as mantaining them. Do you need us? call us now

ICT Teaching & Training

Teaching isn’t just ingraining information into students’ minds to memorize — it’s about providing them with the tools they need in order to think critically and succeed. We believe that successful teaching changes habits, and ultimately improves quality of life. Since 2015, We have offered students with private lessons, and have helped all of them reach their potential.


Having students as close friends is one of the things we have done over time. This has helped us to understand their weaknesses. A number of books have been set up aside to help students in revisIon out side the class ie.


Over a time we have received many clients with challenges concerning the network , computers and software issues. all these have been handled by our team. Meet our team today for better service delivery.



"I didn't know even the first letter of the keyboard but when i met this teacher in my A'level i can never stop inquiring from him even when am stuck online."

solomon atwine


"Ever since these guys worked on our computers, they have never disturbed us again."

solomon atwine


"I salute this guy's work processes, He designed my website and taught me how to use it efficiently. Since then i can never stop recommending him my friends"

solomon Atwine


"Tr. solomon taught me to utilise the web, apparently i can order my items online using ebay and amazon and receive my items here in Uganda. I appreciate his service during my high school time as our ICT teacher 2018~2019"